Every Tuesday we retell a Heinous crime that occurred in Asia.
Feb. 14, 2023

Yishun Triple Murders | Wang Zhijian | 2008 | 2/2

Yishun Triple Murders | Wang Zhijian | 2008 | 2/2

3 women dead and a critically injured 15 year old girl; all in the span of a single evening. That was the result of one of the most heinous murder sprees ever to take place in Singapore, a notorious case that gripped the headlines as the infamous "Yishun Triple Murder". Tune in as we unravel the making of the murderer - Wang Zhijian.

In episode 1, we'll learn more about how Wang's background and how he was driven mad by love.

In episode 2, we’ll piece apart the events of that tragic evening, and the actions that cemented this case in infamy.

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