Every Tuesday we retell a Heinous crime that occurred in Asia.
March 28, 2023

The Miryang Gang Rape Incident | 2004 | 2/2

The Miryang Gang Rape Incident | 2004 | 2/2

In 2004, a teenage girl with problems at home finds solace in a boy that she had just met online. This would lead her to pay him a visit, resulting in arguably one of the heinous cases ever to surface from South Korea.

Tune in as we retell the tragic case of The Miryang Gang Rape Incident.

In Ep 1. we'll learn more about the girl's background, and the circumstances that led her down a dangerous path.

In Ep 2. we’ll uncover the fallout from the surfacing of the crimes, as well as the public outcry and anger emanating from how the case was handled.

Within Singapore, you can reach out to various organizations for assistance and support, including the Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) and AWARE, which offer free counseling services and legal advice to survivors of sexual assault. Call the Sexual Assault Care Centre helpline at +65 6779 0282 for immediate support and guidance.

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