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April 19, 2023

The Geylang Bahru Family Murders | 1979 | 2/2

The Geylang Bahru Family Murders | 1979 | 2/2

In the morning of 1979, Tan Kuen Chai and his wife Lee Mei Ying would leave for work but return home to a horrifying scene.

Their 4 children, Tan Kok Peng, Tan Kok Hin, Tan Kok Soon, and Tan Chin Nee, would be found lifeless and piled upon each other in the bathroom, in what is arguably one of the most heinous crimes to ever come out of Singapore.

Tune in as we retell the tragic case of The Geylang Bahru Family Murders.

In Ep 1. we'll learn more the Tan's horrific discovery, and the police's initial investigations

In Ep 2. we’ll dig deeper into the potential motives and suspects, as well as the aftermath of this horrific crime.

If you have any information to offer regarding this case, please reach out to Crime Library Singapore at:


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