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Oct. 31, 2022

The Cebuano Boogeyman | Warlito Toledo | 1989

The Cebuano Boogeyman | Warlito Toledo | 1989

Happy Halloween. Every 31st of October, the boundary separating the living world from the dead is blurred, and the dead may walk amongst the living again.

In the Philippines, there is a man named Warlito Toledo, also known as Waway, who is as mythical as the legend of Halloween itself. Rumour has it that he owns a talisman "anting-anting" that could transform him into a mystical animal at will, and that he uses it to stalk his victims.

But while many myths surround the man, what we know for sure, are his genuine murderous intentions. In our Halloween special, join us as we discover the man behind the myth, Warlito Toledo, the man from Cebu who was rumoured to have killed up to 40 people in a single day.

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