Every Tuesday we retell a Heinous crime that occurred in Asia.
April 12, 2022

Singapore's Perfect Murder | Sunny Ang | 1963 | 2/2

Singapore's Perfect Murder | Sunny Ang | 1963 | 2/2

In 1963 Jenny Cheok died when diving with her boyfriend, Sunny Ang.

The murderer thought he crafted the perfect murder - there was no body, no direct evidence, and an alibi at the time of the incident.

This heinous crime would become Singapore's landmark case, where it is referenced in courts, and studied by every law student in our country till this day.

In Ep 1. we'll explore what happened in the crime scene, and learn who the murderer is.

In Ep 2. we'll explore how the law tore apart the perfect crime, and how he did it.

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