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Jan. 10, 2023

My Wife is a Demon | Paul Leslie Quirk | 2020 | 2/2

My Wife is a Demon | Paul Leslie Quirk | 2020 | 2/2

Unlike the typical cheer and optimism that welcome a new year, the 4th of January 2020 would prove to be tragically different.

Screams would be heard by neighbours, followed by the gruesome image of a bloodied Christina Khoo slumped over the edge of her balcony. 

But this is not just a story of a cold blooded killer - its the tragic tale of a doting husband, and what happens when he slowly loses his mind. Tune in as we uncover the fractured mind of Paul Leslie Quirk.

In Ep 1. we'll go through Paul and Christina's background, along with his gradual descent into madness.

In Ep 2. we’ll recount the grim events that took place inside the home of Paul and Christina. 

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