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June 14, 2022

Facing The End Of The Barrel | Lim Ban Lim | 1972 | 1/3

Facing The End Of The Barrel | Lim Ban Lim | 1972 | 1/3

In the 1960s, a man named Lim Ban Lim would write himself into infamy by terrorizing Singapore.

Within a couple of years he would become Singapore's most wanted criminal, and would take law enforcement over 10 years to catch him.

Despite his arrest however, this heinous criminal lives on, inspiring a new generation of evil long after he was gone.

In Ep 1. we'll meet Lim Ban Lim and his 2 associates - Hong Lim & Hong Li to understand how he terrorized Singapore.

In Ep 2. we'll learn how authorities made the link between all 3 men, and how they brought Lim Ban Lim to justice.

In Ep 3. we'll learn the legacy that Lim Ban Lim built, and how it inspired a new generation of evil in Singapore.

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