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July 5, 2022

Andrew Road Triple Murders | Sek Kim Wah | 1983 | 1/3

Andrew Road Triple Murders | Sek Kim Wah | 1983 | 1/3

In the 1960s, Singapore was terrorized by a gunman named Lim Ban Lim.

Decades later, a new kind of terror was about to engulf the nation in the form of Singapore's first serial murderer, Sek Kim Wah.

In July of 1983, police tactical teams would be called down to the scene of the infamous Andrew Road triple murders, but upon capturing their suspect, would discover that he was more heinous than they had initially thought.

In Ep 1. we'll learn about the Sek family and their tumultuous background.
In Ep 2. we'll dive into the scene of the crime, to understand the damage that Sek Kim Wah left in his wake.
In Ep 3. we'll learn about the faithful day, and why it is now known as the Andrew Road Triple Murders.

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